This blog is majorly focused on exploring the fundamentals of the Alexander Technique and how they can be applied to violin technique. At certain points the blog may also examine the Alexander Technique in regards to life in general. With every post, I hope to generate discussion in order to advance the understanding of the technique and violin playing. I always wish to honor the traditions of both the Alexander Technique and violin pedagogy, but also to expand upon those traditions through open conversation.

I came to the Alexander Technique while completing my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music. I had suffered from crippling stage fright and severe back pain for a while but in college it became unbearable and stagnated my advancement.

After coming back from a study abroad trip in Milan during my junior year, I started taking Alexander Technique lessons from Professor Heidi Leathwood. I had reached a point where I had to find a way to truly master my stage fright and alleviate my back pain or I needed to choose a different career.

Even though I had no idea what was going on after my first several lessons I did know that something was changing and that I was feeling better.

At the end of our ten week sessions I had finally started to grasp the fundamentals of the technique and knew that if I wanted to really develop my ability and teach violin in an effective manner I needed to become an Alexander Technique teacher.

For more information about the Alexander Technique Please visit my website The Alexander Technique with Nicole Rafferty

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